Corazón's Cannon Smoke Dice Set

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In celebration of The Oxventurers Guild Final Season, we are proud to present this stylish set of totally uncursed dice, for one last time.

This is an exclusive release of the original 2022 production run, fresh from the OX merch vault, made available now so we'll always be able to have a nostalgic throw of the dice, and think about all the good times we shared along the way.

A set of dice swirled in smoky black and gleaming grey, inlaid with the very fakest of pirate gold, Corazón's Cannon Smoke brings to mind gaming in the captain's cabin of the Joyful Damnation itself, amidst the heady scent of rum and gunpowder. Also, they've got skulls on them.

The set comprises a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and percentile die.

Dice manufactured by Q Workshop.