Graffiti by Geo Law T-Shirt [Vintage 2015 Edition]

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Size: M

Uncovered from the deepest depths of the OX vintage vault, this is a genuine piece of OX history!

Originally made for EGX 2015, these are tees from OX's first ever merch run, which have lain dormant. Resting. For almost 9 years. Until now. 

Created for Outside Xbox by doodle master and friend of the channel Geo Law, this is a cotton t-shirt printed with a custom hand-drawn design featuring hosts Jane, Andy and Mike amid a montage of gaming moments as seen on Show of the Week. 

A list video is not included but you are encouraged to create one while wearing the Graffiti T-Shirt, perhaps something along the lines of The 7 Best Gaming YouTuber T-shirts. Just putting that one out there. 

As we celebrate the Oxventurers Guild Final Season, help us soak in the nostalgia and watch the original Outside Xbox 2015 announcement video here: Outside Xbox T-Shirts Are a Thing You Can Wear Now


Sizes Width (CM) Length (CM)
S 45
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L 55
XL 60
2XL 66 81
3XL 71 83