Signed Corazón De Ballena Figurine

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We’re celebrating the Oxventurers Guild Final Season with a limited run of signed Oxventurer figurines!

Commemorate many a year of chaotic adventuring with a figurine of your fave, with box lovingly defaced signed by their player.

The Oxventurers Guild: a band of brave-ish heroes on a chaotic quest for adventure, loot, and someday, an uninterrupted break at the local tavern. Now in figurine form!

Swashbuckling swordplay. Magical grease. Get yourself a man who can do both: it's Corazón De Ballena, the human pirate rogue who abandoned his aristocratic roots for life on the high seas. 

Each signed Oxventure Figurine is sold separately, but get all 5 and save 10% overall (as any 5th figurine will be automagically 50% off at checkout).

Figurine Dimensions: Height 100mm, Width 110.5mm