Signed Prudence Figurine

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We’re celebrating the Oxventurers Guild Final Season with a limited run of signed Oxventurer figurines!

Commemorate many a year of chaotic adventuring with a figurine of your fave, with box lovingly defaced signed by their player.

The Oxventurers Guild: a band of brave-ish heroes on a chaotic quest for adventure, loot, and someday, an uninterrupted break at the local tavern. Now in figurine form!

A Tiefling warlock with Cthulhu as her chosen patron and father figure, Prudence does the great Old One proud by waking up and choosing violence every day. 

Each signed Oxventure Figurine is sold separately, but get all 5 and save 10% overall (as any 5th figurine will be automagically 50% off at checkout).

Figurine Dimensions: Height 100mm, Width 92mm