Oxventure - Guild Crest T-Shirt

Oxventure - Guild Crest T-Shirt

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From Red Castle to Port Fairwind, we’re calling all aspiring Oxventurers to declare their allegiance to the finest* guild in Geth with this dashing new shirt. Featuring The Oxventurers Guild crest on fetching forest green, it’s the easy way to tell the world you own a shirt with the Oxventurers crest on it. 


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Sizes Width (CM) Length (CM)
S 46 71
M 51 74
L 56 76
XL 61 79
2XL 66 81
3XL 71 84

*We’re legally obliged to inform you the fineness of The Oxventurers Guild is disputed (unfairly) in some parts of Geth.